Carden Park Golf Spa

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Royal London Cenotaph - December 19

Working alongside Ainscough Cranes, Cheshire Stonemasonry was contracted by the Main Contractor Mason Barn to oversee and plan the take down and move to a new location of the Royal London Insurance Cenotaph. A unique and once in a lifetime task. The window of opportunity was small and the work was done in five days. Including cleaning down and pointing. (see attached timelapse video) 

Our love of stone in its natural state and its sculpted form is as long as our lifetimes and is embedded in the heart of Cheshire Stonemasonry.  

Since 2012 it’s been a professional privilege to restore beautiful architectural features and support our heritage partners in the conservation of historic landmarks and buildings. 

In keeping with our values of respect for traditional methods and commitment to the integrity of the natural stone materials that we use; we design, bank, carve and install new structures for residential and commercial clients that leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy

Steve, MD.