Conservation, Stone cleaning and Restoration

For listed buildings, conservation areas and heritage sites. The Banker Masons & Fixer masons apply traditional methods using modern machinery, so we achieve the best possible results for the specific requirements of each project. 

Professional Stone cleaning using steam cleaning machines remove biological matter such as; Algae, lichen and moss. Importantly this can be completed without damage to the underlying substrate. Where appropriate we can apply nano technology based sealants to prevent water penetration for up to 10 years and allowing the masonry to breath.

Architectural Masonry, Lettering and Carving

Working alongside architects, builders and customers we can supply, create bespoke stonemasonry as well as template original stonework. Ranging from full new build structures to personalised fireplaces and signs.  

Sourcing stone from the UK and Europe we can help the design process and supply the best stone suitable for your requirements.

Bespoke Masonry

Not only do we do external work we also design and build bespoke internal masonry work. Ranging from
Slate walling to Marble tiles but we can make one-off stone designs/ structures.
Our Natural stone range is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. We have inhouse masons who specialise in natural stone tiling and drystone wallers.